2020. augusztus 3., hétfő

'Unemployed by God'

We are so entangled in this age. It is impossible to slow down and stop consuming and causing harm to nature. We simply can not do it by ourselves. Let us be honest about it. We simply do not have that collective focus and strength.  

We are typically in the situation of which Saint Paul warns: 'You cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of demons' (1 Cor 10:21) We are partakers at the table of the age. To a great extent, this is the source of the permanent 'inner bleeding' of our psyche, moral orientation, value options and thinking.  

Who is going to awaken us? How can we recuperate our strength? Is there a way back to a world which can counteract the forces of distraction in which all of us are caught up? 

Do we want to remain 'unemployed by God' for good? Do we want to waste the most beautiful abilities of our soul? Do I want to waste my life in this giant sea of 'ebbing away'?  

If not, one should be attentive to God's inspirations and promptings. It is always there. This inspiration (regeneration) comes most powerfully through His church. In order to detach ourselves from 'the table of demons of this age', humbly, we are asked to return to the church. To return to that freedom of consciousness which she, in an unexplainable way, offers to us. All we need to do is the first step of acknowledging the source. It is outside us. Not in our power: we can't create this only genuine freedom. 

'Is it not insane blasphemy to think that ou have given holy, efficacious, and living activity to God's inspiration simply because you did not shove it away by resisting it? We can obstruct the effects of inspiration; we cannot give its effects to it. It derives its strength and virtue from God's goodness, which is the place of its origin, and not from man's will, which is the place of its admission.' (Saint Francis de Sales, Treatise on the Love of God, Book 4, Ch 6 'That We Must Recognise How All Our Love for God Is from God')  

To cut the story short, don't remain unemployed by God. Let us not leave our souls so. 



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