2020. november 10., kedd

Good News that Breaks the Cycle

 The pessimism of Ecclasiastes keeps haunting us. It is amazing how one can be engulfed by the lack of hope. Repetition of misfortune, like a Beckettian endgame is around the corner. Yet, there is a tremendous value in these observations. A generation can be marked by history's coercion. There are times when history makes feel its full weights. The danger is if these scars go too deep, and become a trans-generational trauma.  

In this time of Covid 19, we have experienced something similar. The intensity of this experience is striking. Only within couple of months we experience losses and anxieties of long years, like in the case of a world war.  

That's why it was so so beautiful to hear that the redeeming vaccine is working, and is close at hand. This breaking of news changed the whole closed horizon around us. Colours have changed, emotions got reverted. Light is felt, hope, like morning has broken!  

As Christians, our call is to trace the root of this and similar game-changer good news. If the vaccine indeed arrives, and healing comes, if we recognize how it is part of God's providence, our joy will be doubled. We shall be able to look back to what had happened, to our present ordeals, as something already under the pressure of grace. 'But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by.' (Luke 21:9) For God's love, human history, is never an impenetrable wall. Never an endless cycle of pain and lost orientation. Let us contemplate, in the announced good news about the medication, the widening circles of our coming Redemption. Beyond its contours, let us see our joyful encounter with the returning Christ. 



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