2020. február 10., hétfő

'All those who touched him were cured' (Mk 6.53-56)

A very compelling scene: 'wherever he went, to village, or town, or farm, they laid down the sick in the open spaces, begging him o let them touch even the fringe of his cloak.' All go to Jesus. As he has become the centre of the landscape, but the very centre of all human landscapes. Even the birds up in the open places, or on trees, house-tops are puzzled to see these processions…

In this 're-centring' on Jesus, history becomes honest. Through our individual needs we admit: we need Salvation. As the centre of life.

In those processions of need (for healing), all the distractions in life, which enclose us into our sensual experiences and satiable desires are unmasked. They become secondary as we come out of our 'banal self'. We can see in it, how this realm of prayer is our collective unconscious. It is so real, but it can be so deeply buried in us.

The birds, up in the trees, overlooking the scene, would be indeed puzzled how humans, in these moments of request, come alive.

We can contemplate further in this scene, how the recognition of our vulnerability, is the only way of suspending the destructive tendencies in us: wars, fights, and divisions.

The scene, in the final outcome, shows what religion is about. Bringing people in touching distance of their centre of redemption. 'All those who touched him were cured.'



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