2020. december 2., szerda

Forms of Waiting (‘Fuller of Life’)


Let us pause for a moment and have a look at our ability of 'waiting for'. This is one of our deepest desires. We can catch ourselves in the act of waiting many times during the day. Today I was ashamed by the fact that after the morning prayers I instinctively wanted the browse the news; what has happened since yesterday. Then I decided to skip that momentarily passion. Indeed, we can live without those moments. Few hours delay with catching up does not really matter. 

What matters however is the recognition that we could invest this precious energy into something more focused. For we can wait for the Lord (being Advent) with the same desire. What would happen if we did not waste these sacred energies during the day? What a powerful focusing on what is essential it would be. Our life, down to the tiniest cell of our body, would be literally different. Fuller of life. 



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