2020. december 3., csütörtök

‘Trust in the Lord’ (Isaiah 26:1-6)


If Advent is the time for waiting for the Lord, then it is about the how of this waiting. Namely, how to reignite our desire for waiting. We live in an age, when there is non contrast between 'having spiritual energies' and not having it. These energies have been dissipated in very subtle ways. Our soul's attention is caught in diverse ways. Actually, we live in a constant state of dispersing our soul's life.  

One perhaps can go even saying, that it is a special form of 'slave holding society' regarding these energies. Why? Because in our modern age, based on production and consumption, we need so much of our inner resources that we are (almost) forced to use up those energies of the soul which is reserved solely for prayer. That's why the pathetic (and cheep) saying that 'God is dead' is not true. Our soul is dead. Our sacred, untouchable energies, are exploited and have vanished. 

That is why it is so important and healing to close this tap of a continuous loss. In the words of Isaiah, 'Trust in the Lord for ever, for the Lord is the everlasting Rock.' Advent is a crucial time for recharge. 




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