2021. január 6., szerda

Together (Epiphany and Our Twin)


'Then, opening their treasures, they offered him gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh.' Epiphany marks out the centre of our life. Everything relates to this center. As the appearance of God among us is the center of salvation history, everyone who is saved must connect to this center, the person of Jesus Christ. 

However, Epiphany is not about dividing the world into black and white opposites. Saved vs 'massa damnata' or the unsaved. Just the opposite. Epiphany is a gentle center that connects everything. Yes, the saved and the unsaved are part of this web. But what is most important is to realise that everything is connected. And all, who are part of this big web, are responsible for all the parts. 

So, Epiphany challenges us with a vision. If there is someone who has strong faith - there is an invisible 'twin' brother or sister who does not have faith. If someone is healthy or successful, there is a 'twin', again, who is struggling, lacks health. Rich and poor, upbeat and depressed, animate inanimate, we are all part of the web of Salvation. Consequently, Epiphany gives us the responsibility to pray for our 'twins'. That is the only way that our world can become a better place. 



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