2021. január 14., csütörtök

'Ready to Welcome' (A note on Pope Francis' papacy)


Every generation is given a leader, a leading voice of orientation. It is best not to miss that voice, as there might be only few. These teachers, in the Church, are illuminated by the wisdom of Christ. They are pointing to their source.  

Pope Francis, his papacy, is such a prophetic voice. He has understood that the world has changed. Old cultural wars between secularisation and the church, somehow, have become secondary. Francis is a leader who recognised that our world is locked up in a global interdependence. Yet, and this is his prophetic voice, mutual dependence can lead to freedom. Developing a sense of global solidarity, establishing a covenant which includes humans and nature itself, leads to a renewed sense of moral action; and to a profound moral commitment.  

In the light of what he teaches, our task is the discernment. The stake is as to whether we will be ones 'who grasp God's ways' or 'people who refuse to grasp my [God's] ways'. In the latter case, we will continue to be 'unreliable', like an unreliable machine, with all the consequences.  

To this unreliability, Pope Francis posits a simple programme. Actually, it aptly sums up his teaching. He invites us to make to conscious choice to be people whose desire is welcome Christ, here and now. 



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