2020. március 27., péntek


These days, there is one question which is resurfacing time and again. Where is God in the midst of these ordeals? Where is the power of the Gospel, the teaching of the Son of God – when we face the frightening news of death, and the further spread of the virus. Why God does not heal?

The answer is not easy. God is not something which is outside life, one moment He is not there, another moment he jumps in, deus ex machina, and then he is there and effective. Our Good Lord is always there. He has been always with us, as He is there, in those situations of despair, healing, and hoped recovery.

Yesterday, at 8 pm, people went to their windows, and on their balconies they clapped and welcomed the heroic efforts of the NHS, those who work in the frontline. This thanksgiving and gratitude, I think, is our answer to the question: 'Where is God in all this suffering?'

He is there, in the work of those committed hands. He is there in the professional efforts of doctors and nurses. He is there in their despair, when they can't help. He is there in people's dying, in the anxiety and grief of their relatives. He is there in the efforts of healing, and in the recoveries,  which are taking place. He is there in the volunteers' work and bravery. He is there in our police, in our council workers, in the efforts of our politicians.

Still the question remains relevant, even if unanswered. Where are you? Where is your God?




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