2021. január 4., hétfő


The Christmas-season, and now the Epiphany-season was about trust in God. Our ability to trust our God was restored by God himself. He did it in a way which regards us humans as partners. The Incarnation, Jesus' being born in modest circumstances, facing dangers, and fleeing to Egypt required our care for him. God emphasized the importance of trust in him by showing his trust in us. That we are capable of a partnership. First, by the human love of Mary and Joseph, then, in Jesus' teaching ministry, by the disciples love for him. Which trust - our love for Him - is now our turn.  

This trust in the invisible God, our trust in the 'invisible', is crucial. Today, when the vaccination of all is so important, we encounter the inability to trust in the 'invisible' again. People don't believe in what they can't see. They refuse it. Yet, these are the moments when transposing our ability to believe would be so vital for the community. So, we can see that 'disbelief', not believing in God - actually, is a cultural failure, too. And let us think about it: the climate change, air pollution in our cities, the pollution of the seas, indeed, has a mysterious link with our ability to be able to trust and hope, and thus see God. That's why our witness to Christmas and the Epiphany is so vital. 




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