2011. augusztus 27., szombat

Becketti monológok 2.

Lenyomatok és hiányok

"Look at the world, then look at my trousers!" (From Nagg's 'the tailor and his pair of trousers' story from Endgame.') No change. Hardly any. What? Nato is now attacking other 'Gaddafi cities'. Heavy precision bombing. Joystick wars. From miles above. From thousands of miles away. We are attacking them in order to prevent killing their people. What? 'Birth was a death for me'. Says the soldier killed in the war. Soldiers are fathers somewhere. Not in the cosy family atmosphere at 10 Downing Street, or Paris, presidential residence. Gloire. We are killing in order not to kill. We are not killed because we are stronger. 'Yes, but what about the family who owned the dog?' (Watt).
Changed faces. Changed maps. Changed contracts. 'It's like he game where you have to change one word into another by successive alterations of one letter, each time making a new word.' Or change faith. Like Mr. Blair did. Haunted down by the spirits of dead of Iraq. Look at the changing faces and character of Mr. Cameron. Stiffened. Traumatised. Confidence disguises. Religion will absolve him. "Look at the world, then look at my trousers". Says the angel. Says the victim. I hate Beckett plays. Realised in the present. Look at the chaos you created. And the army of unburied spirits. Who is accountable? The ones who write these comments? Their censors? God? Let us blame Beckett for ever.

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