2020. április 2., csütörtök

Lazarus - Time for Reflection (John 12:1-9)

Lazarus, after returning from death to life, was given a time. A time for reflection. He could process what had happened to him, and how precious his 'second chance' was. His life was interrupted in the most dramatic way. He died, and, through the personal gift and miracle by Jesus now he had to answer the why of his regained life.

He is one of the table company of Jesus, who himself is giving his final teaching. 'Martha served, and Lazarus was one of those reclining with him at table.' (John 12:2) The 'why-s' of his personal quest for the meaning of his return, thus, is inseparable from his listening to Jesus. Whatever answer he gives he forever remains in the presence of his Divine friend. I just wonder how our individual (and collective!) lives would be formed if we answered our questions connected to the Lord.

Just as we are interrupted now by the threat of the corona-virus; death itself. Can we see this as a 'positive interruption'? As marking out a special time for us to reflect on who we are; and who we are in relation to Jesus. For, in a sense, since the interruption of the corona virus, every moment of our life is like that of Lazarus now, who 'is sitting with him at the table'.



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